Palma d.o.o.

The long tradition, developing for more than half a century, enabled Palma to take the very leading place among the Croatian coffin producers.The
fact that the company was developing in the convenient milieu od Zagreb, Croatian capital, which is also Croatian leading industrial center; significantly contributed to such situation. The Zagreb carpenters´ knowledge of crafts, going back for several centuries, used to pass from one generation to another, making a fertile ground for the specific handcraft of wood working that is characteristic for the coffin production.

This tradition has been enreached lately by the very modern production technology, which has enabled Palma to transfer from the maintly handicraft sphere to the real industrial coffin production, retaining, as we dare to say, all the charachteristics of the artistic creativity in the wood working and carving.

Top technology, carefully chosen and tended wood, as well as high level of techical and production personnel, are the guarantee for high qualitiy and wide range of the production asortment that can meet various requirements.

Today Palma Ltd became equal competitor to eminent European producers of caskets and funeral products. With production of 44 000 caskets per year, Palma provides the markets of Croatia, Germany, Slovenia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Monte Negro and Macedonia. Our goal is to justify the trust of our respected customers and to constantly improve our products and services.